Remote Audio Terminal (RAT2)

The Diagram shows an example of a communications solution centred on a Remote Audio Terminal (RAT).


This solution is designed to be used by firearms teams and provides a modular system giving the ability to interchange different headsets and push-to-transmit switches to fulfil the different operational requirements.


The RAT2 Speaker microphone is built within a robust weather proof enclosure.




  • Volume control
  • PTT switch on the side of the unit for transmission of audio and Tone.
  • Emergency button on the top of the unit
  • Socket on the side of the unit for remote PTT and Tone
  • 2.5mm Receive only jack socket on the bottom of the unit for ear hooks, ear hanger’s and ear bud’s.
  • Ancillary connector for connection of various style headset’s, including Genesis 1 & 2, Maverick and Invisio


For Dynamic Entry and Snipers a tactical headset or Genesis headset could be used, worn with a soft hat or ballistic helmet this provides a noise-cancelling microphone and receive earpiece.


rat2 02
rat2 01