Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd is a worldwide major supplier and installer of specialist vehicle mounted systems of all types to the Emergency Services and our specially trained installation engineers can install either on-site or at our fully equipped Vehicle Installation Workshop, located at our Headquarters near to Birmingham Airport.

To supplement our observation cars and vans we also provide a range of Covert C2 (command and control) vehicles. In a typical scenario these vehicles would be used as a central control point for a number of front end covert vehicles fitted with PTZ camera systems and video transmission.

This provides the operational commander with the ability to view encrypted video images from a number of these front end vehicles giving the best possible operational overview, allowing fully informed mission critical command decisions to be made.

General Vehicle Installations

  • Mobile Workshops/ Racking and Storage Installations
  • Racking and Storage Installations
  • Antennas and Lighting
  • Communications Installation Equipment
  • Hands free
  • Split Charge systems
  • 240v Inverters
  • Demonstration vehicles
  • Air-conditioning
  • Mast solutions
  • Sound proofing and Thermal Insulation

Emergency Services Vehicles

  • Livery Service
  • Police Vehicle Installations
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR/LPR
  • Ambulance Vehicles
  • Fire Engines (inc PBVT)