Experienced Ex-Service Personnel

Training courses are designed and run by retired police officers offering a wide range of physical and technical surveillance training. With experience of over 25 years in the field of Policing and being responsible for the development and management of National CT surveillance training programs, you can be sure of authenticity.

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd continually develop their capacity to support clientele. To complement their equipment and technical services Sonic offers training and development services designed, and delivered, bespoke to UK and International client needs, offering enhanced value for money from equipment and supporting client organisational diligence to a range of challenges presented by the use of covert surveillance equipment.

Training courses are designed by Sonic’s resident training Manager, formerly the National Surveillance Training Manager for ACPO (TAM), a retired police officer continuously employed in a wide range of physical and technical surveillance roles since 1985 culminating on the approach to the UK hosted Olympic games 2012, being responsible for the development and management of National CT surveillance training programs serving interoperability of Police and associated agencies combating “High Risk” terrorist threats within the UK.

Sonic do not operate a program of scheduled courses available for registration but run their courses to suit client organisational logistics around availability of students, development required and preferred venue, they will be closed events designed to support the student in their specific employment role.

Sonic training is available as “face to face” training delivered at its site in Birmingham UK, or at client provided venues globally. Sonic also offer distance learning and development opportunities with live on line deliveries, recorded instruction videos and e-learning, again designed specific to the clients requirement.

Equipment training will be provided using clients’ equipment, supplemented from Sonic stock when necessary. This will cultivate familiarity with available equipment essential to enable continued professional development and maximising value for money from equipment purchased.

Course Goals

Learning objectives will be set by the client organisation appropriate to the student and organisational declared needs.  Assistance in determining these through Training Needs Analysis to suit clients requirements is available through a scalable surveillance training consultancy phase offered during the training program design process.

Training events can be Attendance, completion, or competency related, they can be Pass/Fail or form part of an ongoing CPD programme to suit the client.  RoSPA approval can also be sought and applied to training events if required.


Competence following training will be assessed by the course dedicated training / assessment staff, assessment can be configured for as wide a range of outcomes as required and may be linked to ACPO Guidance, Skills for Justice (S4J) National Occupational Standards (NOS), organisational Standard Operating Procedures etc.

If necessary, assistance can be provided formulating valid assessment criteria and organisational Occupational Standards to measure student’s competence and development against, during the training design phase.


Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd welcome any appropriate external evaluation and validation of courses, delivery or assessments made. Sonic is recognised as an approved training centre by “Skills for Justice”, it is also recognised as an affiliate training provider. Sonic training programmes can be quality assured by Skills for Justice.


All students will be issued documentation, detailing their attendance and achievement during their training.

A client specific “Skills for Justice” CCS award can be designed and attached to training programmes if required.

External qualifications can be attached to suit the client organisation needs.

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