Covert Motorcycle Kit

SRH Spider kit 01


The Sonic Covert Motorcycle Kit provides the necessary equipment (excluding the terminal), to carry out a fully covert motorcycle installation.

The essential terminal controls (T/G & Volume) are remoted to the front of the motorcycle and presented to the rider on a weatherproof 4-button remote control unit, complete with LED (1-9) talkgroup number display. A connection point is included to allow modification of the headlamp pass switch for PTT operation and a remote Tone button option is also provided.

An radio cradle is included to secure the terminal, which can then be located below the rear pillion passengers seat (space permitting)* A remote covert antenna and tuning unit is also provided, for installation at the rear of the motorcycle.

*Please contact your Sales Representative for advice on suitable motorcycles for radio installations.


The Interface Unit provides the connection point for all ancillary items and also contains the charging circuit for the radio battery, to ensure this is kept fully charged and ready for use, if removed from the motorcycle.

The Sonic Covert Motorcycle system is compatible with communications headset installed helmets or our Genesis-2 headsets and is supplied with a Nexus 4 pole connector as standard. Alternative connectors can be provided on request.

A full motorcycle installation service is available at our Specialist Vehicle Installation facility in Birmingham.

A variant of the system can be provided, contained within a dedicated motorcycle rucksack with integral back protector and a wireless handlebar mounted PTT switch, which allows the system to be used on any motorcycle, without an installation being required.

On leaving the motorcycle to carry out foot surveillance, the rucksack mounted communications system allows the rider to remove his helmet and continue surveillance using a conventional wireless earpiece and concealed microphone located in the strap of the rucksack.


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