D-R5 Noise Suppressing Covert Solutions

D-R5 Noise Suppressing Wireless Earpiece


The Digital–R5 has been designed along with a bespoke ancillary interface to specifically and effectively overcome the issues associated with high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the negative impact this can pose to covert users ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Sonic DR5 Wireless Earpiece 

High Efficiency Neck Loop Microphone & PTT with DR5


The neck loop uses specialised patent pending technology, it utilises audio signal modulation scheme that uses carrier frequencies within the audio band and as a result unlike some other solutions on the market, it avoids the possibility of user detection by keeping the link between accessory to earpiece secure.


High Efficiency Neck Loop Microphone & Wired PTT/Tone with DR5


This solution is ideal for situations where high amounts of magnetic interference is present in the environment such as cars or underground train stations etc. Magnetic interference can be annoying and can possibly prevent the user hearing received instructions.


High Efficiency Neck Loop Microphone & Wireless PTT/Tone with DR5


It has a built in high quality - Knowles microphone for covert transmissions along with in line PTT and wireless key fob options for wireless PTT/TONE operation.




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