D-R5 Noise Suppressing Wireless Earpiece

The Sonic Digital-R5 - ‘Noise Suppressing’ sub-miniature covert earpiece is the latest addition to our renowned Covert Wireless Earpiece Range of products.


The Digital–R5 has been designed along with a bespoke ancillary interface to specifically and effectively overcome the issues associated with high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the negative impact this can pose to covert users ability to communicate clearly and effectively. The Digital-R5 employs the latest technology in audio signal modulation and high-end digital signal processing (DSP) to effectively eliminate interference often experienced by traditional base-band inductive earpieces in locations such as cars, commercial vehicles, public transport and shopping centres. The Digital–R5 continues to provide the very best received audio ‘speech quality’ that our customers have come to expect from our existing Sonic LD5 and MICRO covert earpiece range.


The Digital-R5 is now available for use with an extensive range of TETRA, DMR and Analogue handhelds via our bespoke design ancillary interface which also supports wireless PTT and TONE capabilities as standard.



Part No.  Description
CA16019 DR5 - European
CA16019/01 DR5 - Dark European
CA16019/02 DR5 - Afro Caribbean



Sonic DR5 Wireless Earpiece 

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