High Efficiency Neck Loop Microphone & Wireless PTT/Tone with DR5

This solution is ideal for situations where high amounts of magnetic interference is present in the environment such as cars or underground train stations etc. Magnetic interference can be annoying and can possibly prevent the user hearing received instructions.


The neck loop uses specialised patent pending technology, it utilises audio signal modulation scheme that uses carrier frequencies within the audio band and as a result unlike some other solutions on the market, it avoids the possibility of user detection by keeping the link between accessory to earpiece secure.


It is used in conjunction with DR5 digital wireless earpiece which is one of the smallest on the market, advanced digital processing techniques make sure the user only hears outstanding speech quality across the whole of speech band, this results in the user experiencing the received signal with Readability 5 on the scale.


It is arguably the smallest designs on the market but still retains the capability to generate high strength VSB-AM encoded signals.


It has a built in high quality - Knowles microphone for covert transmissions along with in line PTT and wireless key fob options for wireless PTT/TONE operation.

The TONES can be sent over the radio for situations when the covert operative is working in close proximity to target.


Depending on the radio, the factory will automatically set the microphone gain sensitivity to suit the radio. The microphone is factory configured to be sensitive enough to pick up the users voice but not overly sensitive to allow ambient background noises to drown desired spoken voice from user.


The wireless Key Fob PTT is “paired” to the central interface to prevent operation from other “wireless” PTTs operating in the same vicinity. The technology used also prevents Anti Spoofing measures to avoid 3rd party interference.


All cables used in the design meet a very high standard of cable flex operations and pull tests. The loop wire is made of 3mm multi stranded copper wire with an outer jacket of silicon rubber which makes it Anti Tangle/ resistant to forming kinks.


This product is available in all black (including cables) or European skin and a range of different PTT options.


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