Invisio™ is a patented ear microphone/receiver that provides the user with an outstanding ability to communicate hands-free over radio, even in high ambient noise situations.


Available in either a custom fit design, specific to the individual, or in a one size fits all generic version; Invisio™ is a product available today, using technology of the future.


Invisio™ ensures reliable and clear communications from its unique design, along with high user comfort, enabling the product to be worn for long periods. Suitable for use along with most types of analogue and digital radio, Invisio™ is available with a wide range of push to transmit interfaces, to suit radios from all manufacturers.


In addition to providing a communications headset, Invisio™ can also provide a measured level of hearing protection to the wearer.


"Whatever you experience with your bike – SHOEI´s best wishes for your Safety will accompany you when you ride." Speech not only creates sound waves, it also generates vibrations within the skull of the wearer that can be detected in the ear. Invisio™ utilises 2 transducers fitted into one earpiece moulding, one to detect speech for transmit purposes and the other to provide a miniature loudspeaker to allow the wearer to hear incoming radio messages.


The microphone transducer is a bone-conduction device, which only picks up vibrations in the jawbone, eliminating interfering airborne sounds such as ambient noise or speech.


As a result, speech is transmitted without any reduction of sound quality, along with a safe level of receive audio being provided to the wearer.

invisio 02


invisio 01

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