Brooch Microphone/Inductor & PTT

This solution is one of the most popular solutions for covert operations when used in conjunction with Wireless Induction Earpiece for radio receive audio.


The slim design gives it a great deal of invisibility when worn under clothing and therefore allows a high level of discreetness in covert operations.


It has a built in high quality - Knowles microphone for covert transmissions along with a wired push to transmit PTT.


The mic/Inductor is usually worn on the upper shoulder area under clothing. The audio signal from the speaker output of radio terminal is fed into a coil that is wound on a special magnetic Mu metal strip. The current flowing in the coil varies with the audio signal & this in turn produces a magnetic field within the vicinity of the user’s head area.  

The receive audio is heard with the use of  Analogue or Digital Wireless Earpiece, the earpiece contains a coil which converts the magnetic field back to audio & feeds it to a miniature sound amplifier.


It is recommended the user only ever uses Sonic recommended Wireless Earpieces in conjunction with Mic/Inductor, this will ensure maximum benefit while retaining the sensitivity and clarity of audio in the field of operation.


The down lead cable meets a very high standard of cable flex operations and pull tests.


Depending on the radio, the factory will automatically set the microphone gain sensitivity to suit the radio. The microphone is factory configured to be sensitive enough to pick up the users voice but not overly sensitive to allow ambient background noises to drown desired spoken voice from user.


As standard, it comes with high a quality strong safety pin which is detachable for easy replacement/ applying other attachment solutions.


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