DigitalX Wireless Earpiece Kit

DigitalX Wireless Earpiece Kit Wireless Earpiece makes use of a our new "X" shell and contains Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to eliminate noise when the associated radio is not receiving and to limit sound to 96dB. Available in three  skin tones, incorporating revolving on/off battery door and removable Waxtraps to assist cleaning.  Includes 6 Batteries, a pack of Waxtraps and Insertion Tool in a Storage Case.


Light European, Dark European & Afro Caribbean





Frequency Range 300-3000Hz
DSP Type Custom Hybrid, DSP and EEPROM
Distortion <3% @ 1kHz
Maximum Output Sound Pressure 96dB ±2dB or pre-set to customer specification Level @ 1Khz (2cc Coupler)
End of Battery Life Audible Beep
Battery 1.4 VDC A10 Zinc Air or Equivalent
Typical Battery Life (A10 Zinc Air) >100 hours
Sensitivity (Standard) 66dB@1kHZ ±3dB/10mA/M
Amplifier Digital Hybrid with custom Hardware + Firmware
Wax Filter Type Replaceable Mesh Filter
Colour Options European, Dark European, Afro Caribbean
Custom Fit Option Available at addition charge. Ear impressions must be supplied.
CE Conformity 89/336/EWG-Electromagnetic Compatibility
RoHS & WEE RoHS Compliant
WEE Compliant



Part Number


Part No.  Description
CA18916 DigitalX Light European
CA18916/01 DigitalX Dark European
CA18916/02 DigitalX Afro Caribbean


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