Micro Stealth Wireless Earpiece

Micro Stealth Wireless Earpiece Kit. A ‘Squelched’ wireless ear piece which offers a no ‘hiss’ function (used in both left and right ear), incorporating flip opening battery door and removable Wax traps to assist cleaning. Includes a pack of 6x batteries, 15x wax traps and insertion tool in a storage case. Suitable for left or right hand side use.


Light European, Dark European & Afro Caribbean





Material : ABS

Colour : Light European, Dark European and Afro Caribbean

Battery : 10AE

Output : 75dB SPL (1KHz 10mA/m +/-5 RT F)


Part Number


Part No.  Description
CA18564 Micro Stealth Light European
CA18564/01 Micro Stealth Dark European
CA18564/02 Micro Stealth Afro Caribbean


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