Enhanced Headsets Interface Unit

This solution is designed to be used by firearms teams and provides a modular system giving the ability to interchange different headsets and push-to-transmit switches to fulfil the different operational requirements.



The E-HIU-2 features a PTT switch and volume control on the front of the unit. At the top of the unit is a latching HiRose along with a side mounted 2.5mm receive only socket for headsets and receive only earpieces. The EHIU2 also has the capability of using a remote wireless PTT function, giving the user further flexibility for crucial communication.



For Dynamic Entry and Snipers a tactical headset or Genesis headset could be used, worn with a soft hat or ballistic helmet this provides a noise-cancelling microphone and receive earpiece.



The Rugged Wireless PTT can be used with a Picatinny Rail mount, or as a wrist/weapon strap deployment option.



If it is necessary to operate in a covert role then a combined inductor & microphone or neck-loop inductor & microphone is available. Used in conjunction with a covert wireless earpiece and torpedo PTT this provides a fully covert solution centred on the E-HIU.






Picatinny PTT supplied with a weapon mounted rail or Velcro strap.

HIU enhanced-2

HIU enhanced-2b

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