MSA Sordin Supreme

Sordin Supreme is developed to conform to international MIL-specifications and other extreme conditions. Digital electronic sound reproduction for excellent sound reproduction.


Slim cup and headband design allows the headset to be worn under ballistic helmets. The digital electronic design is based upon our own ASIC circuit and controlled by a micro-processor. This makes it possible to combine very low current consumption with high performance. Clear, natural stereo sound reproduction.




  • Microphone positioning provides excellent stero sound reproduction of ambient sounds
  • Over 600 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries
  • Battery Save and Low battery warning system
  • The sound is limited to 82 dB(A) equivalent sound level
  • AUX input for connection of external radios
  • Water proof battery compartment. Flexible and shape-stable headband
  • Digital Electronics



 MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV

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