New Eagle

New Eagle tactical headsets combine "bone vibrating audio transducers" with state of the art microphone technology, toprovide high quality and reliable 2-way radio communications, in even the harshest of environments.


New Eagle Special Operations and Enforcer headsets provide reception of radio messages by converting audio signals from the users communications radio, to vibrations that are conducted through the facial bones to the inner ear. Normal hearing senses are therefore maintained, essential for tactical operations.


The headsets are rugged, lightweight and of a low profile design, which fit comfortably on the face while wearing helmets, respirators and balaclavas, for long periods of use. New Eagle tactical headsets are available in either a monaural or binaural design, with monaural commonly used by those involved in low to moderate noise environments and binaural for the higher ambient noise levels.


Headsets are fitted with receive vibration transducer covers for user comfort and a microphone foam to protect transmit audio quality against windy environments. The receive transducer covers can be removed without loss of quality. An adjustable rear strap is provided on the Special Operations and Enforcer headsets to assist stability when being used under arduous conditions.






new eagle headset 

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