Tactical Communications Headset

The Sonic Lightweight Tactical Headset is designed to be used in harsh environments and is ideal for Military use.



The headset is integrated with a reversible noise cancelling microphone boom and as such can be worn be worn either let or right hand side.



The straps are easily adjustable and the earpiece is designed to allow the flow of air around the ear whilst still maintaining a closed and comfortable fit.



Earpiece Impedance: 150ohms @1kHz
Earpiece Power Rating: 200mW
Headset Plate Material: ABS
Head Strap & Velcro Material: Polyester, Polypropylene, nylon
Microphone Impedance: 2200 ohms nominal
Microphone Sensitivity: -51db nominal
Microphone Boom Length: 105mm
Microphone Fixing: Reversible Microphone Boom Assembly
Product IP rating: IP65
Weight: 17g (based on 400mm un-terminated cable)



The specialist communications headset requirements for Officers involved in Firearms, Rapid Intervention, SWAT and similar activities can be provided by several of the combinations available in our product range; including Patrol or Maverick headsets, connected directly to the terminal, or used in conjunction with the ruggedised versions of our Headset Interface Units, complete with remote push to transmit options.


Ear-microphone solutions are also available, providing a single in-ear device for both transmit and receive.


For more on our customised headsets, please contact us to discuss your requirements.





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