Earhook Reciever Personal Hands Free

Ear Hook earpiece accessory allows a cost effective solution for the use in overt situations and is ideal for semi covert operations or when presence of communications for Bodyguards, VIP Protection or Crowd Control could be an

The main purpose of Ear Hook Accessory is to allow connection to a range of HandSpeaker Microphones for discreet listening from members of the Public.




  • Designed for extended wear in active environments
  • Lightweight frame for superior comfort and fit
  • ABS Plastic/ Rubber Ear Hanger is comfortable to wear over long durations


Mechanical Characteristics


Weight  10g
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +65 °C
Cable Polyurethane
Cable Pull 30lbs


Electrical Characteristics (Speaker)


Impedance 32 ohms @ 1KHz
Sensitivity 118 +/- 5db at 1khz 10mW
Rated Power Input 10mW
Max Power Input 50mW
Frequency Response 200Hz to 10,000Hz
Impedance 32 ohms



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