Sonic Appears in Call of Duty

Levels of detail in computer games has increased over the years and has for the most part been taken for granted.


However, it was great to see how Sonic has been included in arguable the most popular FPS game: Call of Duty -as found in this recent screen grab by one eagle eyed gamer. Whilst Call of Duty is an arcade game, it does strive to be as authentic as possible when showcasing its broad range of character choices. Details of this soldier’s assault vest clearly showing our own Head Set Interface Unit.


Whilst initially this produced a playful smile here in our HQ office, it does however give reassurance to us that our products are seen as an essential part of communications equipment that even a computer game recognises!


What is our Headset Interface Unit?


Our HIU seen here is one of a series of essential communications accessories for firearms teams worldwide. The unit allows the firearms officer to connect his tactical headset to any radio his or her team uses. It also provides a large push to talk button, which can be operated while wearing gloves.


This unit passes a series of rugged tests, as set by government agencies and is operationally proven. Other types of Headset Interface Units from our range also have the ability to pair with a multitude of radio networks and offers wireless connectivity.




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