BAPCO Exhibition 2021-Online Review



British APCO 2021 Online Exhibition Review



Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd saw its first experience into the virtual world of exhibitions. Whilst there was no getting away from the obvious physical limitations, the event did however give us the opportunity to reach decision makers via Bapco’s chat system and highlight some of the new innovative communications solutions we have been developing over the past year.


With this experience in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to remind those that we have chatted with of these new developments as well as give those that were unable to make it a small taste of what we highlighted.


We would also like to thank those that gave us their time over the last 3 days to talk to us. There was much feedback gained and we were delighted to learn that our solutions were very much sought after.


ESN is very much a large technological drive forward for the UK Emergency Service as a whole and we were very keen to see our communications solutions realised as a viable step forward enabling voice co-ordination in all areas of Policing – Firearms, Public Order, Motorcycle Escort and Surveillance.


As always, we continue to expand in other areas of mission critical communications and as such, we appreciated the feedback gained regarding our firearms solutions and Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway.


Separate to the virtual event, we have received many emails requesting further information. Some new and renewed contacts were made which precedes a busy period ensuring that all of those enquiries are answered.


If you were unable to attend and you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team, or visit our web site at


ESN – Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone


 System Layout


Sonic’s ESN involvement is gathering momentum as more deliveries of BlueTooth Remote Speaker Microphones are reaching regional teams for testing in Mission Critical Operational environments.


We are currently working with the Home Office, SAMSUNG and MSI on approvals for the Wired USB RSM and the next feature set for both the BT and USB RSM to match demanding expectations and growing PSCS functionality.


Sonic’s full range of Audio Accessory Solutions will be made available for all users of Mission Critical networks from community beat officers to counter terror firearms users, we have a solution to match your operational needs.


The ESN Fixed Vehicle Device development also continues at pace with our partners Thorcom Systems Ltd. A recent successful demonstrations of capability marking an important milestone in that endeavour. The involvement in the development of the Vehicle device will ensure that Sonic can continue to apply our specialist vehicle installation expertise and experience to the many Mission Critical demanding requirements.



Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway


The Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway (S-TAG) has been designed to fulfil a gap in the market for a reliable, versatile and cost effective solution, which allows the connection and gateway function of a wide range of communications devices.


These include mobile, portable and fixed and to be agnostic to the frequency, modulation or encryption methods employed by such equipment’s.


Technical Training Workshops



Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway

To complement equipment and technical services, Sonic now offers training designed and delivered bespoke to UK and International clients, offering enhanced value for money from equipment and organisational diligence to a range of challenges.

Sonic currently delivers its training via Microsoft Teams which is free for use by attendees.

For more information on our training services, please contact us.


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