IP Turret Cameras



Sonic are pleased to announce the imminent release of two new IP Turret cameras each available with a range of modules capable of recording and streaming 1080p video.

The Turret camera compact housing makes it ideal for use with vehicle installations and static observation points. Its rugged and cylindrical design means that it can rotate 360 degrees with a camera tilting mechanism adding to its flexibility.

The units are powered by a 12v DC source and uses a Sony CMOS sensor capable of switching automatically into day or night modes with auto focus. The available range of modules include impressive low light performance with up to 35x Optical zoom capability for the “TC35” model (available Q1 - 2022) and up to 90x Optical zoom in the “TC90” model.

Each IP Turret camera is Onvif compliant which enables the cameras to be used with a wide range of video surveillance equipment supplied by Sonic Communications.

With the “TC90” now in the final phase of its development, the smaller “TC35” variant is currently undergoing design changes and will be available in the new year.

For more information and specifications of available modules and recording characteristics, please contact us at sales@sonic-comms.com.

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