Audio Accessories
Sonic has grown to become the market leader in the design & integration of communications systems for use by the Police, Government, Fire & Industrial sectors.
Technical Surveillance
From here, the design process is established, forming the basis for the manufacturing process. All drawings are logged & can be used for product development.
All work is carried out in our main production area. Sonic prides itself by providing a UK self contained manufacturing facility.
Extending our manufacturing department, Sonic provide a wealth of capabilities within our machinery department.
Our specialist department carrying out production on Technical Surveillance equipment.
..and from where it all began. Sonic has a strong history of Motorcycle communications equipment installation having fitted a range of motorbikes spanning over 30 years.
Our vehicle equipment installation service provides capabilities to fit covert & overt equipment to a wide range of vehicle as shown in our car bay.
Our observation van department carries out covert surveillance vehicles for law enforcement agencies across the world.
Continuing our pursuit of excellence, Sonic offer an after service support team which forms part of our product development department.

Security & Policing Exhibition 2016 Review

Sonic have once again supported the Security and Policing Exhibition in Farnborough’s FIVE exhibition venue between 8th and 10th of March 16. This exhibition has seen huge growth over the years and Sonic took this excellent opportunity to launch some new and innovative ideas.

Showcasing the Digital Barriers IP450 streaming IP DVR both as a stand-alone surveillance tool, and integrated into a fully IP covert surveillance vehicle generated much interest, as did the usual display of body worn surveillance tools and micro cameras.

The future of Blue Light communications accessories were also on display through Sonic’s own range of covert and overt Bluetooth Accessories ready for the ESMCP roll out in 2017. Sonic have designed a series of Bluetooth interfaces that will enable voice co-ordination in all areas of Policing – Firearms, Public Order, Motorcycle Escort and Surveillance amongst the most challenging.

Many new and renewed contacts were made, and precedes a busy period ensuring that all of those enquiries are answered, and the communications and surveillance needs of the any and varied visitors are met.




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