Battery Pack Modules

To complement our products, we can supply a range of high capacity primary lithium battery packs, which combine high performance with relatively low weight, when compared to comparable Ah capacity lead acid battery packs.


Capable of providing a stable 14.4v DC nominal output over a wide temperature range of -20° - +95°C, with a low self-discharge rate, these power sources provide an ideal solution to extended deployment of equipment’s in surveillance operations.


Battery packs can be supplied terminated with power connectors to fit directly to our products, or with your specified connector and are supplied in a sealed flame retardant black ABS case.

module batteries 
56Ah 140Ah 


56 Ah Battery Pack

  • Dimensions: (L)110mm x (W)240mm x (D)75mm
  • Weight: 3.3Kg
  • 140Ah Battery Pack

  • Dimensions: (L)212mm x (W)240mm x (D)75mm
  • Weight: 6.7Kg
  • 224Ah Battery Pack

  • Dimensions: (L)284mm x (W)284mm x (D)75mm  
  • Weight: 10.0Kg
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