Following the very popular RC300, the brand new RC300 FHD is an upgraded, full HD version. Using a brand new 5 mega pixel sensor, this ultra-small camera unit can record at either 720p HD or full 1080p HD resolutions. The built-in camera provides a wide field of view of 74 degrees and has a 5 mega-pixel camera for still photo shots.

The camera is small enough to fit inside a packet of chewing gum.

It is supplied with a free 8gb Micro SD card and will record for 65 minutes continuously at 1080p resolution or 75 minutes at 720p HD resolution, the camera will take up to a 16gb Micro SD card. You can attach the unit to your pocket with the included clips and be able to capture all the video evidence you need by simply walking around! Most important, you'll have the surveillance evidence that you need in crisp and clear video.

Simply plug the unit in to your PC or MAC with the supplied USB cable and easily transfer the video/photos. Time/day/date stamping on the video provides suitable watermarking should you need to use the captured footage as evidence. The camera makes standard H.264 .MOV files (video) which are easy to edit and standard Jpeg photo images.




  • 1080p FHD video resolution
  • Stick camera with mount for body worn surveillance
  • 5 Mega Pixel 1/3 inch sensor
  • FHD / HD switch selectable
  • Instant switch for video recording and snapshot
  • One button simpe operation: Power on/off, Rec, Stop
  • FHD/HD resolution selectable
  • Overwrite function available
  • Supports up to 16G memory card
  • Micro USB connection





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