ZepCam T1

ZepCam T1 - Body Worn Video For Professionals


Hands free video recording for evidence and security The Zepcam T1 is a body-worn video recording system developed for professionals in public safety.


The Zepcam is designed for use in rugged & outdoor environments. The Zepcam T1 is a complete and integrated body-worn video recording system: users can record high quality videos with maximum freedom of movement.


The Zepcam T1 is used by a broad range of professionals, e.g. police, fire departments, military, security personnel, rescue teams and sport athletes. Zepcam video can be replayed on the Zepcam or on a PC or MAC. Encryption and login ensure that only authorized persons can watch the recorded videos.


The Zepcam T1 consists of 3 MAIN PARTS that can be worn on the body: camera, recorder and a wireless remote control. The Zepcam product range is developed in close cooperation with experts and users in the field: police officers, fire fighters and athletes. During development the focus has always been clear:


HQ video & audio – day & night
  • TV quality recording (D1)
  • high light sensitivity recording for night recording
  • fast adjustment in light changes


User friendly design – hardware & software
  • clear and intuitive use
  • wireless remote control with status leds for recording
  • comfortable mounting on head, body or helmet


Data security – authentication & prevention of unauthorized distribution
  • prevent that video recordings can be viewed by unauthorized persons in order (for privacy and legal reasons)
  • date & time stamps / officer ID / GPS coordinates / watermark
  • login & video encryption


High level of reliability – rugged hardware & robust software design
  • water proof, dust proof & shock proof
  • Linux operating system
  • Standby time: 15 hours; recording time: 5 hours


Modular & wide range of accessories
  • Plug & play GPS module & several camera solutions
  • New software features by firmware updates
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Future options: Live video & IR recording



Hardware components - standard Handheld recorder / player Camera unit Remote control Cables; usb charger; mounts; Pelicase
Hardware components - options GPS unit, clip camera (clothing mount) see accessories
Water proof: IP67 (untill 1 meter water)
I/O ports: Micro SD card slot; USB 2.0; Mic-in; AV-Out; Pal - NTSC analog
Memory Solid state, micro SDHC
Recording capacity 8 GB (6 hour), extendable to 32 GB (+/- 24 hour)
Operating temperature -10ºC tot +50ºC
Power Li-polymer; 3.100 maH; USB charge
Remote control RF ANT technology; 2 way communication; leds for status feedback (recording, standby, error)
Mounts Helmets; Mountain bike helmets; flat surfaces; pipe
Cable connectors Quick release connectors in cable for user safety
Operating system Linux
Updates Firmware updates for new software & feature releases


Formats MOV; AVI; h.264; PAL / NTSC
Resolution D1 (720x576); 550 TV lines
Recording speed 25 fps / 30 fps
Recording element 1/3” Sony SUPER HAD CCD
White balance Auto
S/N Ratio > 45 dB
Minimum light level 0.05 lux
Lens options F2.45, 2.97, 3.6, 6. 8. 12mm Anti fog lens


Microphone In cable + 3.5 mm Aux input for external mic
Sensitivity 90 dB AGC range, -42dB@1KHz, 16KHz sampling, 16bit PCM


Encryption AES 128
Login Officer ID login Device pin code login
In screen Watermark Time/ date GPS coordinates



Zepcam-T1-Live picture complete



(Click here to see examples of video footage)




 Tumb Zepcamrecorder unit(1)

T1 recording unit (T1-RUA)

Zepcam T1 wearable video recording & video play unit; 8GB memory; security firmware; main cable with safety connection; USB cable; Peli carry case; 1A external charger; desktop software; wireless two way remote control

 Tumb helmet mount mountainbike 2 jpg

Bullet Camera (T1-BCA)

CCD bullet camera; 550 TV lines; extremely light sensitive for night view; helmet mount

 Compact Camera T1-CCA

Compact camera (T1-CCA)

Compact camera for clothing and helmet applications; 720 * 576 progressive signal; Wide Dynamic Range; extreme light sensitive for night view; small, light and robust aluminium housing

 GPS Unit Accessoires

GPS Unit (T1-GPA)

GPS receiver with main cable connector; for recording, speed, distance, altitude and more; incl GPS firmware for Zepcam T1 & T1-XT

 Tumb maincable

Main Cable (T1-CB1)

Connection cable between Zepcam T1 and camera; safety quick disconnect, microphone (4 pins)

 Tumb helmet mount mountainbike 1

Helmet mount mountain bike (T1-M02)

Clamp for holding T1 Bullet cam; universal mounting for mountain bike helmets

 Tumb motor helmetmount with spacer1

Motor helmet mount (T1-M03)

Clamp for holding T1 Bullet cam; very sturdy aluminum mount for (motor) helmets

 Tumb headmount

Head mount (T1-H02)

Head mount for holding T1 Bullet cam

 Tumb external batterypack

External battery pack (T1-B01)

Spare battery pack to be used with Zepcam T1; capacity: 5000 mAh; extra recording time is +/- 4 hours; extra standby time is +/- 12 hours


Shoulder mount complete (T1-M04)

Shoulder mount for holding T1 Bullet cam; including the aluminum mount for (motor) helmets; sturdy and flexible positioning of camera

 Tumb shouldermount baseplate

Shoulder mount baseplate (T1-M04a)

Mount for positioning the T1 bulletcam on shoulder. Works together with alluminum mount for (motor) helmets: T1-MO3 (not included in this price)

 Tumb zepcam beltpouch1(1)

Zepcam Belt pouch (T1-P01)

Adjustable pouch to carry the Zepcam a long the waist using a belt or torque


Zepcam Shoulder Holster (T1-P02)

Carrying case for Zepcam recording unit (T1-RUA). The recorder and cable can be included in the schoulder holster.

 Tumb 1A USB Charger

1A Charger (T1-PC1)

1A extermal power charder for Zepcam T1; 5 hour recharge time

 Tumb 2A USB Charger

Fast 2A charger (T1-PC2)

2A external power charger for Zepcam T1; 2.5 hour recharge time

 Tumb Car usb charger(1)

Car usb charger (T1-CC1)

Car USB charger for Zepcam T1

 Tumb Micro SD 8gb

8 GB memory

Solid state memory card for T1-RUA; 8GB for over 7 hour recording

 Tumb Micro SD 16gb

16 GB memory

Solid state memory card for T1-RUA; 16 GB for over 14 hours recording

 Tumb Micro SD 32gb

32 GB memory

Solid state memory card for T1-RUA; 32 GB for over 28 hours recording


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