Video Cameras

CCD & KPC Cameras


Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd provides a wide range of high resolution colour or monochrome CCD camera modules to meet all types of application, ranging from bodyworn and mobile to fixed locations.  Cameras can be supplied with a selection of “pinhole” or glass lenses, along with a range of focal lengths, to allow the correct combination to be chosen for the operation or host it is to be installed into.

 ccd kpc cameras

External Rugged Cameras


The Oculus is a professional vandal resistant, high speed continuous rotation PTZ. The housing has been cast in alumimium which is then anodised and powder coated allowing the unit to be installed in harsh and challenging enviroments.

 Oculus Camera

Helmet Mounted Camera Systems


The Helmet Cam system simply attaches un-intrusively to the outside of your helmet using the extremely tough Velcro Patches supplied. Fix the remote start stop control to your handlebar and you are ready to start filming.

 helmet mounted camera

Sony Modules


A range of Sony Modules are available including new features and designs for the digital age which is geared towards the future demands of digital video infrastructure.


Omni Cameras


Our popular range of Pan & Tilt 360 cameras. These cameras are widely used as part of our Vehicle Video Surveillance Systems.

 omni micro

Video Camera Tool Kits


To complement the range of DVRs Sonic Communications supply a variety of camera and lens deployment kits.

 Video Camera Tool Kits 01

Watec Modules


Watec produces more than 20 years of compact, lightweight CCD cameras and is the leader of miniaturization in the camera industry. By adhering to their own design philosophy and the quest for versatility and ease of installation Watec cameras can be found in many applications.


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