Bodyworn Systems

FlashBack 3G


Flashback 3G is a market leading sophisticated video/audio recording device, it accepts up to 128 GB SD memory, providing over 4 days of high quality real-time video recording. The internal 3G modem provides remote GSM access enabling local record and simultaneous streaming of live video.
Flashback 3G

MRS Video Encoder


The MRS Video Encoder Compact Streaming System is a smart, low-bandwidth GPS supported cellular multimedia streaming system. It enables live location tracking and Audio/Visual monitoring as well as monitoring of alarm triggered events.

MRS-Encoder 04

S400 3G System


The TVI S400 real-time wireless video streaming encoder provides high-quality video/audio in a low-power, secure, discreet and easy to deploy unit.


Mini WI-FI Covert DVR


This miniature DVR has built in WiFi enabling live streaming and file downloading to smart phones. It accepts analogue cameras receiving video and audio whilst supplying 5v power through a 2.5mm camera port. The device is powered by external 5v supply.


Mini WiFi Covert Camera/DVR


The Mini DVR is a self-contained unit, featuring an internal rechargeable battery, built in 720p pin hole camera and built in Wi-Fi for live audio and video streaming. This compact unit can be installed into a variety of host for covert audio and video recording/streaming.


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